Photos from British Consulate – Jan 2013

New England Consul-General Susie Kitchens and members of the Boston Business community turned out for a “Water Cooler Football” event at the Consulate in Kendall Square on Tuesday, January 8. Diane Darling and former Boston College Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo spoke to guests about the mysteries American Football and business networking. Bill Geist and the CBS “Sunday Morning” crew were on hand to film the happenings.

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Boston-based Water Cooler Football Explains Football to Bill Geist

Retired Boston College Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo and Boston Author Diane Darling to Appear in CBS Sunday Morning Segment

Boston (January 11, 2013) – CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Bill Geist is learning about football from Bostonians.  Geist may have written books on Little League, golf and more but it now looks like he’s taking on American football.

On Sunday, January 13, 2013 between 9:00 am and 10:30 am EST, CBS Sunday Morning (locally WBZ-TV) will air a segment filmed earlier this week at the Cambridge, MA British Consulate where former Boston College Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo and networking consultant Diane Darling ran their Water Cooler Football Workshop for a packed house.  The audience learned football lingo, game strategy and how it relates to the business world.

Geist, the author of books like “Little League Confidential: One Coach’s Completely Unauthorized Tale of Survival” and “FORE! PLAY: The Last American Male Takes Up Golf” joined the audience for the interactive football-themed networking program.  Water Cooler Football clients are generally:

  • Men who aren’t necessarily athletes but now want/need to be able to “talk” sports
  • Women who didn’t grow up with the game and now have a friend/family member who is a player and/or fan
  • Non-US nationals who want an introduction to the game in a supportive and fun setting

“If you can’t ‘talk football’ around the water cooler the day after a big game, you are left out of so many conversations – both at work and socially,” explains Darling. “Not everyone grew up with football and understands it. The game can be perplexing if you don’t have someone like Gene to explain that it all means.”

Water Cooler Football workshops are available for corporations, associations, fundraisers, and conferences.

Water Cooler Football is a fun, friendly, supportive environment for learning the terminology, game rules and strategy of football and how it translates to the business world.  Don’t know what it means to “scramble out of the pocket” or “miss the blitz” or even the more common “drop the ball”?  Water Cooler Football workshops can cut through the jargon and show you how football relates to the everyday business world and can be a shortcut to better networking.  For more information, go to

Media contact:  Bobbie Carlton, 781-718-7619

Learning a New Field- Football 101

Learning a New Field – Football 101 – October 24, 2012

It was Monday morning in the higher-education capital of the universe, and in a second-floor classroom in Boston, 35 students were absorbed in a lecture on perhaps the critical subject of our times.

Rising health care costs? The global economy? Educating young people for the high-tech jobs of the future?

“This is a football field,” the instructor said. The class studied the slide as if their futures depended on it. And they might. The students enrolled in “Water Cooler Football: Learning the Game for Fun and Networking Success” were mainly unemployed senior executives, and in a rocky economy, job seekers need every advantage.